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From World Shithead - The International Shithead Federation
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Shithead - The World's Greatest Card Game

Shithead is a primarily skill-based card game for 2 or more players which is played in 100+ countries worldwide. It is known by many different names in many different languages, and has been played all over the world.

Setting up the game takes between 1-2 minutes, with a single game usually taking between 5- 10 minutes. Games involving Shithead Grandmasters may take half an hour or more.

Notable strategists have estimated that the game is between 70% and 95% skill-based, with more than one famed player noting that the game of Shithead is "easy to learn, but takes a lifetime to master".

This website is aimed at Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced players of the game.

About World Shithead & The ISF

World Shithead is the official home of the International Shithead Federation (ISF), the international governing body for the card game Shithead.

The ISF has been set up in order to unite local players and clubs as well as national, sub-regional and regional federations under one representative body as well as taking responsibility for promoting the game at an international level and overseeing world-ranking competition.

Our aim is to develop the game of Shithead to the point that it becomes recognised as a legitimate professional game at least on a par with professional televised poker, and to work with sponsors to continue grassroots activities in order to nurture a future generation of professional Shithead players.

What is Shithead?

Shithead is a primarily skill-based card game for 2 or more players which is played in 100+ countries worldwide.

History of the Game

A history of the internationally popular card game Shithead.

Official Rules

The Official Shithead Rules as endorsed by the International Shithead Federation.

Proposed Rules

Past rulings on proposed official rule changes and a commentary on proposed rule changes currently under discussion.


View a list of all ISF-recognised World Shithead Grandmasters

Other Notable Players

A list of other notable Shithead players from around the world.

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Strategies

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Strategies for the card game Shithead.


Terminology specific to the card game Shithead.

Popular Variations

Variations of the card game Shithead as played around the world.

Special Cards Used in Shithead

Special cards used in the card game Shithead.

Official Competition

World Shithead Championships 2016 - Farnham, UK.


Shithead Index.