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EU leaders who gathered in Brussels put on a united front to back Theresa May's argument that the withdrawal agreement they endorsed was the "best and only" Brexit deal available. But there was no sense of celebration, and there were plenty of signs of how tough negotiations on the future EU-UK relationship are likely to be. It emphasised in particular that a fisheries agreement that builds on "existing reciprocal access and quota shares" is a matter of priority. Several EU leaders highlighted fishing as a particularly sensitive issue.youtube.com German Chancellor Angela Merkel said talks on fisheries were "undoubtedly going to be an area where negotiations are going to be tough".

The president implied that without sufficient progress on trade, the backstop plan to avoid a hard border in Ireland would have to be implemented, including a temporary customs union for the whole of the UK.youtube.com Media captionDisputes over fishing aren't new. This was Reality Check's take earlier this year. It is a warning that the prime minister could have done without, as she seeks to appeal to the British public for support for her deal in advance of a vote in Parliament next month. But it is also a reminder - if any were needed - that other countries have domestic political concerns that will have to be taken into account.

A Koi Carp fish has sold an auction in Japan for a record £1.4 million - £1 million than the previous highest bid. The 3ft 3ins long red and white fish was bought by a collector from Taiwan after a fierce bidding war at the Saki Fish farm in the city of Hiroshima. The female Koi, which has the name S Legend, is of the Kohaku variety and the most recognisable among the many varieties of carp that can be bought. Miss Yingying from Taiwan emerged the successful bidder, buying the fish from breeder Kentaro Sakai for 203 million Yen.

She plans to leave the nine-year-old fish to compete in the All Japan Koi Show where it is expected to win for a second year running. The female Koi, which has the name S Legend, is of the Kohaku variety and the most recognisable among the many varieties of carp that can be bought. Although there is no prize money for winning, the prestige of taking the title two years in a row will only enhance the reputation of the fish, according to British Koi expert Tim Waddington. He said news about the record £1.4m sale quickly spread among Koi Carp dealers in the UK. He told Mail Online: ‘This is a record price paid for a single Koi Carp. At 101cm it is very large and from the favoured Kohaku variety.

Photos from the auction - and the winning bid - were posted on the Facebook page of the world-famous Saki Fish farm which has been breeding Koi for over 100 years. Fans and collectors of Koi Carp will travel from all over the world to get a glimpse of the £1.4m fish. Mr Waddington, 43, from Warrington, Cheshire, has visited Japan over 60 times to source Koi Carp for clients in the UK. He will be travelling to see the most expensive Koi in early 2019 when it is expected to be in Tokyo for the All Japan Show. The new owner will have the opportunity to breed the fish which has the potential produce up to 500,000 eggs, of which no more than 5,000 will be of the right quality to sell.

Mr Waddington said: ‘Koi can live up to the age of 25 but it is likely with this one that it will continue to compete in shows for another two years. People in the Koi carp world are very excited by the sale as it is an incredible price for a single fish. The previous best price was around £400,000. Koi Carp, which originated in Japan, come in more than a dozen varieties and are distinguished by their colouring, patterning, and scalation. The Kohaku variety is a white-skinned koi, with large red markings on the top. To be the perfect Kohaku the white has to be pristine without any discolouration of yellowing. Translated into English the name means red and white and Kohaku was the first ornamental variety to be established in Japan. While £1.4 million is a record sale collector of Koi collectors can fill their ornamental ponds with other varieties that can cost as little as £12.50. Larger Koi and with near perfect colouring can sell for up to £2,000 with the higher quality going for £20,000. Japan remains the biggest producer of Koi with 90 per cent of production destined for export. In 2016, Japan exported a record 295 tonnes of koi carp bringing in revenue of over £28 million.

Dealers looking to illegally export European eels from the UK have been exposed by BBC Countryfile. Posing as a UK fisherman who had legally caught the eels on the River Severn in Gloucestershire, presenter Joe Crowley was approached by Chinese and Russian buyers and a UK exporter. They were prepared to pay up to seven times the normal catch price if the eels could be sent out of the EU.youtube.com Organised crime gangs are said to be smuggling about 350 million live baby eels - or 'glass' eels - every year to Asia, where they are farmed and sold as a delicacy. Andrew Kerr, of the Sustainable Eel Group said the illegal trade in glass eels, also known as elvers, was estimated to be worth about £3bn a year.

It leaves here at one Euro each and then one year later, having been grown in the 900 eel farms of inland China, it's worth 10 Euros - and that's pretty tempting. The illegal trade has previously been focused on stocks in France and Spain but now smugglers have turned their attention to the UK, where glass eels can only be caught by licensed fishermen. Countryfile's investigations team posted an advert on an online trading website, offering live eels caught in the River Severn for sale. One buyer from China offered more than £1,000 per kilo for the eels to be shipped to Malaysia, despite acknowledging that the export would be illegal. The current price for eels bought and sold legitimately within the EU is about £150 per kilo.

Another buyer from Russia asked for the catch to be sent to Lithuania legally where he would then arrange for the eels to be moved over the border to Russia. The team was also approached by a UK-based commodities trader who said he had a client in Asia who was looking for glass eels to be exported to South Korea. When later confronted, he said he knew that it was illegal to export eels, that he did not have a buyer in South Korea and that he was only "speculating". He added that he had never exported glass eels and had no intention of doing so.

Today they are protected as an endangered species by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). They are also named on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List of Threatened Species. But campaigners are concerned that a lack of monitoring is allowing glass eels to be moved between EU member states and beyond, with few traceability checks enforced or records kept. Ian Guildford, of the National Wildlife Crime Unit, said it was often hard to convince other enforcement agencies to take the crime seriously. See the full story on Countryfile on BBC1 at 19:00 BST on 16 June and afterwards on the iPlayer. Tory leader voters 'issued two ballots' Some Conservative members received more than one paper to vote for the next PM, the BBC learns. Video Are robots ready to replace us? Can Idris Elba turn an album into a play? Which would-be prime minister wears unusual socks? What can we expect from Archie's christening? Is the American strip club dying out?youtube.com Copyright © 2019 BBC. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read about our approach to external linking.

As a symbol of transformation and courage, the koi carp has gained popularity very fast everywhere in the world. You can now find koi carp for sale Derby and have your own pond with beautiful colored fish inside. These fish can be very valuable so make sure that when you are looking for a supplier that has koi for sale Derby, that they are respecting all the requirements and protecting the fish’s health. Developed by the Japanese over 200 years ago, the Koi carps or Nishikigoi, as they were originally named, are a species of fish that are originating from the common carps that were raised for food. These colorful carps have been treasured by the Oriental society for centuries, but nowadays they have won the hearts of the Occidental societies as well. In fact, Koi carps are known to be the most expensive ornamental fish in the world.

Years ago, you could find Koi carps in any park, temple or ornamental lake in Japan. The reason was because this fish actually goes hand in hand with the Japanese culture. It symbolizes good fortune, courage, masculinity, independence and longevity, love and transformation as well. The symbolism of this highly valued fish has actually been borrowed from a Chinese legend which told the story of a Koi carp that has swam up a waterfall and then transformed into a dragon. This is what made this fish such a complex symbol that is now loved by the entire world. It was only during the 1910s when this fish started being known widely.

The mayor of Higashiyama Mura sent 27 koi carps to the 1914 Tokyo Taisho Exhibition. After that, the emperor’s son decided to display eight of these fish in the royal palace. Soon after, everyone in Japan wanted to have a koi carp. And after the Japanese, it was the whole world that became crazy about these colorful and friendly carps. Now, you can find koi car ponds in the United States, in Australia, in the United Kingdom or any other country. As long as you provide them the proper environment to grow, these fish can live just as long as a human being.

But how can you find koi for sale Derby? You don’t really have to purchase them from Japan or order them from there. There are providers that have koi for sale Derby that are supplied from their country of origin. It is important to have them quarantined for a few weeks when they are changing their climate. Therefore, if you are looking for koi carp for sale Derby, make sure that your supplier fulfills the minimum requirements so that you will receive the highest quality. After all, these fish can be quite expensive. Imajjin Koi is a family run company that provides koi for sale Derby from the most reputable breeders in Japan.youtube.com Besides koi carp for sale Derby, they also provide some pond products that help you provide the perfect growing environment for your favorite koi carps.

No savages but UK thought, as usual "we need fish, let's ruin other people's lives by sending waships to protect our fishermen in other countrie's rights". Yes they did fuck over Iceland. They didn't give a shite of their rights. They created tools specifically to destroy their fishnets and sent warship to make thongs clear. UK fishing and bringing war on Icelandfishing waters NOT uk fishing waters. Colonist never say it's too far away to steal. Edit : clarification (my bad) When you visit the very few museums and learn about history, you understand the struggle the had. Edit² : i wrote indeed savages, but to the eye of a colonist asshole country. I'm sorry for the "savage edit".

Brexit is bad on the economic side, but I can understand a nation wanting full choice on their own decisions instead of wanting the EU to decide for them. The EU doesn't decide "for" anyone. Every EU member sends politicians to the EU parliament which votes on laws and every member has a seat on the councill with veto power over any big decisions. Things like Article 14 and the like can really turn some people off of the EU.youtube.com Both Labour and Tory MEPs voted for that. The UK can't complain about bad EU laws if they're instrumental in pushing them through.

The reality is that all the issues that are behind Brexit because people blame them on the EU are really down to the politicians the people of the UK keep electing. And the majority of them aren't even issues to do with the UK's EU politicians but just domestic issues that UK governments have blamed on the EU. For an example of this: fish quotas. The reality is that the UK government distributes the quotas and gave most away to companies that then sold them on to spanish or portuguese fishing fleets. That small UK fishing businesses suffer has nothing to with the EU giving "british fish" to portugal.

We were already able to trade with other nations, and other nations preferred trading with the UK as part of the EU. Now businesses are leaving the UK due to Brexit. Not to mention, the UK will spend more money on independent trade deals than trade deals as part f the EU. The European Arrest Warrants, according to the Commissioner of the Met, not to mention several UK policing experts, are necessary. They have stated being outside the EAW would be damaging for policing. We were already able to spend money on what we decided what was important. In fact, several UK areas, including my home town, are under the EU Development Scheme due to how run down they are.

That funding from the EU (which the UK government does not care about) keeps youth centres, libraries, community centres, and so much more open. The ECJ laws were written mostly by British Law Makers, and if it was not for the ECJ, the Bedroom tax would still be enforced. You mean how Nigel Farage was member of the EU Parliamentary Committee for Agriculture and Fisheries, and only attended 1 out of 43 meetings to discuss UK fishing rights? According to most farmers and fisheries, they rely on exporting their produce to the EU. So leaving the EU would be damaging to UK fisheries.

Climate change regulations are highly necessary, especially now more than ever. I'm not concerned about whether business want to keep their hqs here, I'm more interested in whether a better selection of goods is available for british consumers. If you tell me something would be 'bad for policing,' you're effectively telling me 'it's good for liberty.' I don't want more police powers, thank you, I want less of them.youtube.com What the UK decided is important obviously wasn't your local area then, was it? We shouldn't be forced to spend money on an area we don't believe is important. The ECJ laws are judgements, not laws, and they are written by judges, not lawmakers. Why do the vast majority of UK fishermen wish to leave the EU then?

Does the EU know what is better for them and their communities than they do themselves? Climate change is a threat, but not the biggest one at the moment. We don't need to focus on it. Which will not happen without Businesses investing time into the UK, creating jobs, and allowing better products on the market. So you want more knife crime? Now I know what side you're on. Every part of the UK matters.youtube.com UK government does not care about any place outside of London. More regions of the UK are part of the EU Development Area than the UK Government actually gives money to local councils.

For a more productive society, you put money int all local councils, that is what should happen. So you do not agree with the ECJ overturning the Bedroom Tax bill?youtube.com Correction the Bedroom Tax was overturned by the European Court of Human Rights. However, the ECJ cannot make any rulings on national law, which is what you are saying it does. The ECJ is the highest court of the European Union in matters of Union law, but not national law. The EU is not a single entity, all EU nations come together to discuss various topics, including fishing policies. Perhaps you should look at this before spout "But our fishing waters". Climate change is a massive threat to the entire planet.youtube.com There is no greater threat.

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