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The Hover

From World Shithead - The International Shithead Federation

The "Hover" is a move frequently performed by amateur Shithead players when they are down to their final three face-down cards.

The move involves holding the empty right hand approximately 8-10cm above each card with the palm down and the fingers extended and pointing forwards. The right hand is briefly held above each card for 1-2 seconds, as though the player can somehow "feel" through the back of the face down card and the 8-10cm of air above it which face down card will be the optimum card to play.

There are numerous examples of players with no prior experience of the game performing the Hover move intuitively during their first ever game of Shithead. The phenomenon is not limited to a single country or region - seasoned Shithead players have reported seeing The Hover being used in games featuring novice players in Europe, the US, Asia and Australia.

The Hover is often performed with a small flourish as the amateur player's hand moves over each card.

The move is also occasionally performed with the left hand in cases where the player is left-handed.