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From World Shithead - The International Shithead Federation

Although to casual observers and amateur players Shithead might seem to be a game of chance - particularly with regard to the final three cards - it is in fact a highly skilled game in which the element of chance can be almost entirely eliminated expect for in rare cases in which a highly experienced player has no way of being able to estimate with a high degree of probability the value of the final face-down card.

There are many different strategies to Shithead depending on the level of the player, and at a highly advanced level the game can be seen as a card-based strategic equivalent of Go, (traditional Chinese: 圍棋; simplified Chinese: 围棋; Japanese: 囲碁; rōmaji: igo; Korean: 바둑; romaja: baduk), the abstract strategy board game.

Strategies for Shithead can be divided into 3 broad categories:

Beginner Shithead Strategies

Intermediate Shithead Strategies

Advanced Shithead Strategies

Many leading players have also raised questions about the philosophy of the game, and its deceptive simplicity is a key aspect of its appeal.